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Consultants in Online Education.

Our academic background in education, and more than 38 years’ experience in education and training have equipped us with the expertise to identify challenges and design effective courses.

Since 2003 we have successfully integrated “Online Academies” for various corporate organisations and training institutions – locally and internationally. This included companies such as International Healthcare Distributors (IHD), UTI Pharma, UTI Global, Tabaldi Education, CollegeSA, Stimulus Maksima and Bard (UK and Europe). These experiences have given us the opportunity to learn more about the various LMS’s and make appropriate recommendations.

We offer to take care of your LMS integration and administration. We had the privilege to design and develop course content for on-boarding programmes, operational processes, policies and compliance training (safety and health), and compliance training. Our clients range from pharmaceutical-, supply chain-, logistics-, human resources-, manufacturing- and academic institutions. Projects for higher education institutions include content preparation, quality assurance and strategies for course delivery, and communication strategies to promote and maintain student engagement.

Herman Moolman

Herman is a qualified education specialist and instructional designer – specialising in design, development and implementation of e-learning modules and curricula.

He holds a PhD in Computer Assisted Education (University of Pretoria).

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