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Creating cost effective scalable digital learning solutions

It is a challenging and daunting task to manage and deliver training with limited L&D resources. Training companies and -departments’ most challenging responsibilities are the selection of a suitable learning management system (LMS), followed by the design, development and provision of relevant content to students and employees.

The benefits of classroom training are well documented and are historically accepted to be one of the most successful training options available. In recent years, time, increasing travel costs and operational issues make this solution often less cost effective.  

LMS supported digital training is recognized to be a successful and an eventual cost-effective training solution to learn and study from widespread geographical locations, in own time and own pace. The use of a suitable learning management system ensures that students’ progress, development and skills are carefully monitored, managed and guided to achieve relevant learning outcomes.

HBM Edu Tech (Pty) Ltd collaborate with organisations and training institutions to achieve their training goals by integrating a cost effective, suitable Learning Management System and developing digital content.

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Training and Support to Client L&D Employees

HBM will gladly share our expertise by training and guiding your teams to become skilled in e-learning facilitation and management. Our training programme aims to upskill your team to:

  • Manage the LMS as administrators and/or course builders
  • Build and assign cost effective training solutions to all employees
  • Include modern trends such as gamification and leaderboards in the L&D strategy
  • Include motivational strategies to influence student engagement and participation
  • Monitor student performance and progress with efficient reporting
  • Avoid pitfalls of digital training
  • Perform change management to ensure a cost-effective utilisation of this investment, and
  • Add to your team’s professionalism
  • Build advanced e-learning skills and confidence.

Why go e-Learning?

Interesting Statistics:

Organisations who optimally use e-learning and the accompanying digital platform often becomes the leaders in their respective industries: 

  • Companies who offer best practice e-learning generate around 26% revenue more per employee (E-Learning Magazine)
  • More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies use some form of educational technology (E-Learning Magazine)
  • Technology supported businesses are 46% more likely to lead their industries (Bersin & Associates)
  • Potential to boost productivity by 50% when using digital learning (IBM Report 2004)
  • Owners of mobile devices are rapidly growing, confident to use it for self- development
  • Smartphones are growing in popularity to be used as a training device

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E-learning consulting & coaching

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e-Learning is a specialised training strategy – it is much more than merely “self driven” and “own tempo” training. It is essential that motivational aspects and educational principles are considered when courses are designed.

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